I met Fernie after he had just got out of prison. He showed me some of his art from prison and I asked if he could create a very ornate version in his style.
Hard to believe but he went in his house and brought out a pencil and some art paper. He leaned down on the hood of my old Firebird and started drawing out this amazing logo right then and there. Took him about 15 minutes and he asked me, 'Is this what you were thinking?' - I said hell yes that's amazing Fernie and he handed it over to me and I drove away never to see him again. Hood stories from Pleasant Grove, the deadliest zip code in all of Dallas. I spent twenty some years in that hood, bullets flying everywhere and people getting thrown in a van and shot for their dirty laundry they were pushing up the street. So dangerous there my favorite restaurant from down there La Flor de Jalisco - My boy Mikey Martinez RIP (shot 26 times down in Deep Ellum right through the side of his truck) they had to chain the juke box to the floor and you had to pay for your food up front when you ordered. Couldn't even trust us with real salt and pepper shakers, they used baby food jars with holes poked in the tops. One day somebody crawled through the back door window and stole all the tortillas. That was Dallas back in tha day. My boy Mikey was a good friend, him and his brother Fernando, I miss those guys. I used to be so broke back then I would go there with my head down and Mikey would let his uncle (who hated me) give me my check for eating my favorite 'Huevos Rancheros' on a crispy tostada' . I'd give the ticket to Mikey and he would just smile and tear it up. A few days later I went in and was told Mikey had 'passed away' I said what the hell you mean PASSED AWAY? You don't PASS AWAY at 26 years old. I got so sick I couldn't even eat my food. I just got up and left Terre the waitress standing there. She was a good friend also. We were all a little family. They fed me and I let them all do community service at Bajito Onda in the hood. He was gone and a picture of him was hanging over the cash register. SHIT!
In keeping with the Bajito Onda Prison Brand I explained to my homies still inside that all their art with no brand sent out to the free world to their family and friends would never have the value of incorporating it into a name brand such as Bajito Onda which I am the global founder of. I've presented to 4 United Nations Conferences rarely held outside of Africa Nairobi Kenya. With a special accord to help me present to the UN the four conferences were brought to Monterrey, Mexico N.L. way back in 2000-2006. It was an amazing experience that lifted my life forever to have faith that others somewhere in the world held my Beloved Bajito Onda in high regard for the members in prison and returning from prison, their families, friends and loved ones. They blessed us from a global status. While Dallas was hating on me for being faithful to homies behind the walls and their families out here struggling to pay their lights instead of buy Christmas presents I was busy trying to help them for whatever they needed. I will say there were some good folks who didn't judge us. If they only had heard the stories I was hearing they would and some of them did help me help them. I found people around the world who began wanting to know more about Bajito Onda. I thought well hell, why not talk to them like they were right here in the hood with me. So I did.


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